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Mark E. McKelvey

CEO and Founder

Thank you for visiting  We created this non-profit organization to promote Maine woodworkers, their histories, and their works.  In my experience as a furniture maker here in Maine, I found it very difficult to promote my business without spending thousands, and thousands of dollars in website design and maintenance, magazine ads, and trade shows. 
Here at, we have developed an online strategy that will boost Maine woodworkers' presence as a collective, while giving every woodworker here access to a VERY affordable website and Search Engine Optimizatioin (SEO) plan, and a centrally located studio to showcase their works.
I encourage every woodworker to please register here.  This free video promotion will let potential customers see the quality of work you do, and the quality materials you use. 
That's what it's all about.
Thank you!

Mark McKelvey

Community Based Marketing (CBM)

Community Based Marketing is a localized platform where municipalities list their local businesses on their website, and non-profit organizations supporting statewide causes. 

The Internet is the new Yellow Pages.  If a company cannot be found in searches online, it is losing business!  Getting listed and found online is very easy and virtually cost-free with the CBM approach.

Municipalities have the authority to obtain a .GOV url suffix, which carries considerable weight with search engines as providing trusted, community-based content.  These .GOV websites, and websites associated with them, show up higher in the search results.

Once a city or town has obtained a .GOV url suffix (ex., they provide live links to their local business’ websites.  This is a trusted, valuable incoming link to these businesses, which now gives them a boost in search results.

The cost of the .gov url is 125.00/year, and the more businesses a town adds to their website, the more that town appears in search results as well.  Even if a town cannot afford the annual fee, listing businesses still costs nothing, and is still very beneficial. 

Non-profit organizations supporting statewide causes have the ability to get listed on every municipal website.  The more incoming .GOV links they obtain, the more trusted and important they are to the search engines.  The non-profit organizations rise higher in the results, thereby generating more traffic to the companies listed with them.

Maine Furniture has proven that this platform works. 

With nearly twenty incoming links from state and local governments, Maine Furniture is showing up in the top three positions on Google, Yahoo, and Bing for the search term “Maine Furniture”, for which there are 40,000 searches every month.  In less than four months, Maine Furniture achieved this difficult, time-consuming goal.

Local woodworkers are seeing a noticeable increase in traffic to their sites as a direct result of being listed on Maine Furniture’s website. 

Out of the over four hundred cities and towns in Maine, only a small percentage lists their local businesses, and only a few of those have a .GOV url suffix.  The ones that are following this practice are seeing results, and this easily translates to more business, more jobs, and more money for local Maine economies.

If every municipality followed this practice, Maine businesses would be prominent in online search results. The money at the top of the search results is staggering.  Big Box Stores, over the last fifteen years have spent billions making sure they stay at the top.

-One ad at the top of the first page results for “Furniture” can cost $70,000 a DAY.

-IKEA did over 3 Billion in sales in 2008.

-The entire Maine economy did less than 250 Million in furniture sales in 2008.

-Furniture sales in the US are at about 10 Billion annually, and about 70% of this furniture is imported.

-The current market share for Maine in national furniture sales is about 2.5%

*Moving this 2.5% with CBM is easy, virtually cost-free, and no risk!  Just add links!

If Maine can move its percentage in national sales by merely a couple points, Maine Furniture makers could easily double their sales.  As Maine Furniture stays at the top, woodworkers all over the state, listed with us, are getting more business.

CBM works.  We need your help to help us all.  Call attention to this at your next town meeting, and I will attend to help answer any questions.  Send a link to this page to your local representatives, and your friends and family.  This is the future of “Think Globally, Act Locally”.  It is simple.  It is proven.


Steve Thomas

Here is a link to Steve Thomas' homepage with details about the island home, including the Maine tradespeople involved in the construction


Custom Made

Please check out our friends Custom Made! They have profiles of many of the woodworkers here on Maine Furniture, and their mission is to promote fine craftsmanship! They wrote a great article about Maine Furniture:

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Emmett W Eldred

Emmett Eldred was extremely helpful in launching Cork Cove Furniture.  Please order his book, "Eldred Wheeler: A Collector's Guide". The photos of the High Country pieces EW made in here are spectacular, and include insight to the workings of one of New England's premier furniture makers, which ran a shop in Maine for several years.
Purchase book here

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David A Fields


David's shop is located in Lewiston, Maine.  I first met David in 1993 in New Gloucester at Joe Waltman's custom shop.  Joe Waltman and Co, at the time, employed about 50 carpenters and cabinetmakers.  David Fields produces some of the highest quality work I have ever seen.  Please follow the link to David's website where you will find that a picture really is worth a thousand words.  Video will be coming soon.

For more about David A. Fields Cabinetmaker, on Maine Furniture, please click HERE