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Maine Furniture News


Cork Cove Furniture Closes After Fire

Gardiner, ME September 4th 2009 — Cork Cove Furniture announced today the closing of its shop and business after the devastating fire which burned the shop down the morning of September 2nd.

“The collapse of the furniture market on top of the fire was just too much to handle” said Mark McKelvey founder of Cork Cove Furniture. The fire burned all the equipment and due to the downturned economy could not afford the in...

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An email I received


Just wanted to drop a short note to you to wish you the absolute best with your online endeavor to enliven the woodworking ‘industry’,reintroduce people to good quality artwork and, and provide a place for fellow woodworkers to network and band together to keep the abso...

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Art In This Neck Of The Woods

Gregory Crispell is a land surveyor by trade. In his spare time, the Garland resident enjoys making maple syrup. He has even done a little middle-school basketball coaching.
But Gregory Crispell, wood artist?
That’s one job title Crispell never expected to put on his resume, at least not until recently.
But the time Crispell has spent in Maine’s forests has driven him to explore his creative side, he said, and led him to submit a piece of work to Maine Wood 2010, the bien...

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Moosehead Furniture Closes

Moosehead Furniture closes plant in Maine
Assets to be auctioned this month
Heath E. Combs -- Furniture Today, January 7, 2010

MONSON, Maine — Case goods producer Moosehead Furniture has ceased operations and its assets will be auctioned off this month, according to an auction company Web site and news reports.
Machias Savings Bank is auctioning the Moosehead assets, according to a listing on the Keenan Auction Co. Web site site. Machias holds the mort...

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The Valley Voice

George Tibbetts wrote this article published 9/11/2009


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