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Probably about a quarter of the CD’s in my shop are circa 1972, my last year of high school. Like my musical preferences, the forms and proportions that I favor often float in from my past. I work to commission, designing and building contemporary, hardwood furniture. Tradition enters through the forms, joinery and care that shape my process. I build pieces that I love with the aim that they in turn, find others who share this feeling.  My goal is that every piece precisely meets the needs and desires of each client in a form that uplifts.

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The Arrow Rocking Chair

maine-furniture-peter-turner-rocking-chair1 (Right-click to see larger image)

Shaker furniture, rocking chair, built by Maine, master furniture maker, Peter S. Turner.  When looking to buy a rocking chair, or wooden rocking chairs, this exceptional take on the classic Shaker rocking chair is made from select hardwoods using traditional joinery techniques which ensure this piece will be an heirloom to be enjoyed for many generations. 

The name for this chair came from the shape of its armrest. It reminds me of the feathers on an arrow. Like my bowling bench, this design grew out of the candlepin leg. For years, I had wanted to make a chair with rockers attached in this manner. Very straightforward, I swiped it from Shaker chairs. These photos show what it looks like in white oak. I have a beauty in my shop made of ash. The texture of the woven Danish cord seat compliments the clean, smooth form. This chair seems to comfortably fit a wide range of people.

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