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John Bryan

John Bryan Carving wood is certainly an interesting way to spend a life in today's world. Even more so when this "over-50 something" weighs what digital technology has brought to our finger tips. I go to work each day carving wood in a centuries old tradition using chisels that were made for me over 200 years ago. Yet my second most important tool is my Mac computer , ramped up with technological marvels, which is my conduit to the rest of the world. It's provided opportunities to work with people who I have never spoken with on the phone, and to show my work to the world via cyberville. It can be confusing now and then as to which era gets my allegiance. Suffice it to say I am happiest in my studio, however this site is critical in it's task of leading you towards me.

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Rod Whitten Wood Carvings

Rod Whitten Wood Carvings Rod Whitten is an exceptionally talented wood carver. Every piece he carves is absolutely unique and extraordinary.  From large and small wildlife pieces, to model-sized and life-size motorcycles and riders, his talent and passion for wood carving shines.  Rod Whitten has been commissioned by private clients as well as government agencies, including NASA.
Few wood carvers can achieve Rod's level of design, expertise, and imagination.  Please read on to see more about Rod Whitten and a link to his website.

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Carving Videos

Carving Videos In this section you will find videos of woodworkers carvings.  Watch these talented woodcarvers create their wooden pieces of art with only a chisel.  Another great resource for woodcarvers and people interested in carving is the Maine Wood Carvers Association, (WMCA).  The MWCA is an educational, non-profit charitable organization whose purpose is promoting and encouraging wood carving of all types.  They currently have one hundred fifty members.
There is no substitute for the art of carving.  The value added to a piece by a carver is generational.  Two hundred years from now, no one will be proud of a carving that a computer generated. 

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