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Maine Woodworking Non Profit Organizations and Associations


Maine Woodworkers Association

Maine Woodworkers Association The mission of the Maine Woodworkers Association is to bring allaspects of woodworking closer to its members and to educate everyoneseeking knowledge from woodworkers in the great State of Maine. Meetings are times of friendship and learning, where everyone iswelcome to share ideas, camaraderie, and of course, coffee.

TheMaine Woodworkers’ Association was formed about 1985 by a few friendswho wanted to talk about everything related to this wonderful materialcalled wood. The organization now has over 100 members, both hobbyistand professional woodworkers, men and women who make furniture, homefixtures, architectural forms, turnings, carvings, boxes, bookmarks,musical instruments, and boats.

Members meet monthly fromSeptember to June, visiting different shops from Portland to Rockport.The interests of hosts are as broad as the interests of members. Onemonth the subject of a meeting might be traditional furniture makingtechniques; the next month application of computers to manufacture anddesign; and the next, woodworking tool manufacture. At least once ayear a renowned guest is invited to address members.

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Maine Woods Coalition

Maine Woods Coalition The MWC is a group of concerned citizens from the region of the Stateof Maine which is most affected by any major changes to the current useof the 3.2 million acres known as the Maine North Woods. Weincorporated on January 4, 2001 as a non-profit, 501(c)(3) corporation.We seek to be the voice of the stakeholders in the Maine Woods.

To be a voting member of the organization, you must reside in, ownproperty in, or operate a substantial part of your business in one offour counties: Somerset, Piscataquis, Penobscot, or Aroostook.Interested parties who do not meet these criteria may opt to becomesupporting members of the coalition.

For several years, a groupof dedicated environmentalists from outside the State of Maine and fromoutside of this four-county region have sought to convince the FederalGovernment to create a National Park on the 3.2 million acres of landknown as the North Maine Woods. In recent meetings with majorproponents of this proposal, it appears that those working for thecreation of this Park (1) do not understand what would happen to thelives and livelihoods of the residents and property owners of theregion, (2) do not want to consider these concerns in their on-goingefforts, and (3) do not appear to feel that the residents here shouldhave a say about the future of this large tract of land. The residentsof this four-county region believe strongly that we have a right tohave a say in what happens to the Maine Woods. To make sure that rightis exercised – and not denied – the Maine Woods Coalition was formed.

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Maine Wood Carvers Association

Maine Wood Carvers Association The Maine Wood Carvers Association (MWCA) is an educational non-profit, charitable organization with the purpose of promoting and encouraging wood carving of ALL TYPES, not just wildlife, and at all skill levels within the State of Maine and elsewhere.
There are currently over 150 members from Maine and outside of Maine, including Canada. The Association also promotes conservation and restoration of wildlife. Members have donated decoys for such projects as the Puffin, Murre and Common Tern projects.

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United Maine Craftsmen

United Maine Craftsmen

United Maine Craftsmen is a non - profit organization founded in 1969 by a handful of crafts people. From the beginning, UMC has supported itself through membership dues and admission fees at its' shows. For years UMC was run by volunteers, but in 1992 a permanent office was established in Manchester, Maine.

Membership, is open to all legal, year round residents of the state of Maine, who make their own product. All members are eligible to participate in the craft shows sponsored throughout the year, provided that they comply with the show rules. Members are also encouraged to run for office and serve on the Board of Directors. In addition, UMC provides annual grants and scholarships to deserving students, some of whom will further their education in craft related fields.

Members of United Maine Craftsmen vary from the beginning hobbyist to people who sell on the international market. United Maine Craftsmen keeps in touch with its widely dispersed membership by means of a monthly e-newsletter, The Craft Tradesman.

Membership runs from January 1 to December 31 each year and costs $50.00 for primary members and $15 each for up to three associates.

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