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Gordon Merrick


Conference Table

furniture-contemporary-Gordon-Merrick_conference-table Gordon R. Merrick was fortunate to have been introduced to wood working and Margaret Seeler almost simultaneously. Margaret Seeler was recognized as the living master in gold cloisonné and took Gordon under her wing from early in his career. Margaret, being of the Taoist philosophy helped shape Gordon's thoughts on design and form which led to his ability to stray from preconceived concepts in wood design. Gordon is entirely self taught and feels the better craftsman for this. By being self taught you learn not only how something is done but also why it is done that way.

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Grateful Dead Mandala Round

Grateful-Dead-Mandala-Gordon-Merrick-Maine-Furniture Grateful Dead Mandala by Maine Furniture Maker Gordon Merrick/Symmetry In Wood. Beautiful Round Mandala made from rare Walnut Burl with a Steal Your Face Logo inlay perfectly centered can be hung on the wall or used as a table top. The Grateful Dead logo "Steal Your Face" has long been the Grateful Dead Logo and is of the highest quality Grateful Dead Art, and Psychedelic Art, available anywhere in the world. Each Mandala is one of a kind using burled veneers to create exotic kaleidoscopic imagery. One of a kind Burl veneer wooden Mandalas hand crafted and finished to an ultra fine sheen. Made of the finest exotic woods and materials.

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