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James Kroll Fine Woodworking

James Kroll Fine Woodworking Since 1987 James Kroll Fine Woodworking has created custom and reproduction pieces ranking with the finest Maine handmade furniture. Diversity sets his shop apart from much of the competition, as does his pricing.
His portfolio includes an array of custom free-standing furniture, offices, furniture style kitchens, and an assortment of handmade products from shutters, extra fancy window boxes, church gates and detailed reproduction Federalist soffit brackets. Antique restoration and general furniture repair are other aspects of James Kroll Fine Woodworking.

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Doucette and Wolfe Furniture

Doucette and Wolfe Furniture Doucette and Wolfe Furniture is located in NH, two miles from the Maine border.  They have many clients in Maine, and many of their suppliers are in Maine.  Their Colonial Furniture reproductions are exquisite, and we are happy to include them here.

Matthew Wolfe and Moriah Doucette: 
Before furniture making, we both worked in hands-on, creative fields.  Matt as a carpenter and custom home builder, and Moriah as a gardener/ landscaper, creating landscapes with plant material and stone.   We both discovered the world of furniture making on our own, through trial and error, and got hooked.  Realizing the endless amount of knowledge involved in the craft of woodworking, we both attended The Vermont Woodworking School.  This further solidified our dream of creating handmade custom furniture, full-time. Since then, we have enjoyed “commuting”  across the driveway to “work”, where we enjoy working with customers to create pieces of furniture that truly belong in their home.

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Greg Dow Cabinetmaker

Greg Dow Cabinetmaker Colonial furniture maker Greg Dow lives in Lebanon, Maine with his wife Cheryl and daughter Miranda. Born in 1960 in Dover New Hampshire he has always had the desire to create objects of interest. His love for period furniture began many years ago.
Greg and Cheryl dabbled in antiques and after visiting many auction houses and museums realized the true early American or antique pieces could only be obtained by studying and reproducing them.
Greg creates each piece once at a time by himself at his shop in Lebanon Maine.
Greg uses many of the same methods of the early American cabinet makers. Using the widest boards possible of Cherry, Walnut, Maple, and Mahogany. All dovetails, carving of shells, fluting, reeding, shaping, and finishing is done by hand.

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Jeff Koopus

Jeff Koopus My approach to furniture making is through the perspective of the 18th century. For the past 23 years I have produced fine furniture of clients who appreciate the beauty, function and long-term value of hand craftsmanship.
All of the pieces shown in the Gallery and Recent Work are the result of collaboration between client and artist. While much of my work is inspired by 18th century and Shaker designs, I am pleased to offer custom, original designs and adaptations for those who prefer personalized and site specific work.
The pieces showcased here represent a small sampling of my work from the past two decades and are meant to inspire and suggest possibilities of what I could provide for you.
I specialize in custom work utilizing exceptional hardwoods. Wide, figured boards, often more difficult to work with, are an essential element in the proper reproduction and adaptation of period designs, as are hand joinery and finishing. Together, these three aspects of woodworking allow me to produce pieces that reflect the regional characteristics and signature styles that make the finest antique furniture so desirable.

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