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Shaker Furniture

Shaker Furniture Browse Maine Shaker Furniture Makers. Exceptional Shaker Furniture, handmade by world-class Maine furniture makers.

 In the United States there is one remaining active Shaker community, at Sabbathday Lake, Maine, which as of December 2009 has only three members left.   The Sabbathday Lake community still accepts new recruits, as it has since its founding.  This community, founded in 1782, was one of the smaller and more isolated Shaker communities during the sect's heyday. They farm and practice a variety of handicrafts; a Shaker Museum, and Sunday services are open to visitors. Mother Ann Day is celebrated on the first Sunday of August. The people sing and dance and a Mother Ann cake is presented.
Maine is home to the finest Shaker furniture made anywhere in the world.  Using modern day machines and technologies, Maine furniture makers are able to reproduce Shaker furniture in a way that does not compromise the original designs. As Maine furniture makers are proud to produce high quality pieces that will last for generations, consumers also realize that their purchases are not only an investment, but an extension of their personalities. The Shaker's simple and devout way of life is a characteristic found in their furniture.  The simple lines, and natural finishes accent the beautiful grains and intricate joinery.  The Shakers learned early on that the dovetail joint is the strongest way possible to join two boards, and account for the seasonal movement of the wood.  Maine furniture makers are proud to carry on these traditions, and Maine Furniture is equally proud to present them to you.  Shaker furniture has been part of our heritage for centuries, and as Maine furniture makers pass on their knowledge of how Shaker furniture is made, consumers pass on their heirloom pieces for generations as well. 

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Mission Furniture

Mission Furniture Browse Maine Mission Furniture Makers. Exquisite Arts and Crafts Reproduction Furniture, handmade by world-class Maine furniture makers.

Mission Style furniture incorporates simple horizontal and vertical lines and flat panels that accentuate the grain of the wood, usually oak. People were looking for relief after the excesses of Victorian times and the influx of mass-produced furniture from the Industrial Revolution. Many designers and companies played an important role in the development of the design over the years, including Stickley, Greene and Greene, Charles Limbert, Charles Rohlfs, and Frank Lloyd Wright.
The simplicity of the joinery and the natural finishes are reminiscent of Shaker methods, thus being a popular style many Maine furniture makers reproduce and draw inspiration from.  Maine is also home to world-renown architect, John Calvin Stevens, whose shingle-style homes featured attributes and furniture from the Arts and Crafts Movement. We invite you in for a look at some of the premier Maine furniture makers displaying their talents through Arts and Crafts design.

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Colonial Furniture

Colonial Furniture Browse Maine Colonial Furniture Makers. Exquisite Reproduction Furniture, handmade by world-class Maine furniture makers.

"Among the early colonists in New England there were a number of joiners, turners, cabinet-makers, and carvers, some of whom had undoubtedly learned their trades under the best English and Dutch masters and who were capable of reproducing the styles of the day in native woods. Many of them settled in and about Boston and worked at their trade during the last three quarters of the seventeenth century. In 1642 there were twenty joiners and over thirty turners in Boston. In 1690 the Handicrafts Guild of that city had registered more than sixty furniture makers and over forty upholsterers. Miss Singleton gives the names of about forty members of the craft who were at work in Boston between 1635 and 1700. She gives the names also of furniture makers in Salem, Charlestown, and Newbury, Massachusetts, and eight in Maine."  -Walter A. Dyer

Colonial furniture making is an inherent part of New England's rich woodworking history, in which Maine shares a large importance.  There are still many woodworkers here in Maine reproducing Colonial Furniture, and Maine Furniture is proud to present them to you.

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Contemporary Furniture

Contemporary Furniture Browse Maine Contemporary Furniture Makers. Beautiful Modern Furniture, handmade by world-class Maine furniture makers.

Maine is privilege to a way of life unlike few places in the world, which fosters its own unique artist communities, across all mediums.  There are many extremely talented woodworkers who desire to further develop and nurture the relationship between design and craftsmanship.  Enhancing beauty in function, contemporary trends in design are a major element to Maine's woodworking community. This section will open your eyes to current happenings and trends by many award-winning, critically acclaimed, Maine woodworkers.

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Restoration All too often people make the wrong decision to strip and refinish a piece of furniture which may only need a thorough cleaning.  Removing the original patina will greatly reduce value.  Build up of wax, dust, and polish, over time, will diminish the wood grain, and warrant furniture restoration.  Glue joints subjected to time and use also fail and need to be professionally repaired.  Injecting glue into the joint will not fix it.  The joint needs to be professionally pulled apart and all the old glue scraped off, then re-glued. 
This section specifically lists furniture restoration companies, but any good cabinetmaker will be able to properly restore an antique piece of furniture.  Furniture restorers will have the resources at hand to take on any job, as well as the honed skills, and are generally more knowledgeable in determining value versus cost of restoration.  Furniture restoration companies and individuals will match the original finish and be able to replace broken or lost hardware with authentic reproductions.  Before you reach for a can of stripper, consult these exceptional furniture restorers first.

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Lumber and Millwork

Lumber and Millwork In this section you will find Maine Lumber Companies supplying select hardwoods and softwoods such as cherry, walnut, maple, tiger maple, birch, poplar, ash, pine, spruce, douglas fir, cedar, oak, and reclaimed lumbers.
Full service Maine lumber companies are one-stop, local resource for home owners, furniture makers, carpenters, and boat builders.  Knowledgeable in all facets of building construction, they are the best place to research green building practices and options, including FSC certified lumber, and LEED certified products and methods.
Constantly evolving to meet the changing needs of consumers, communities, and the industry, Maine lumber yards are also your greatest resource for millwork, including standard and custom moldings, stair parts, post and beam, and custom saw milling.
Please visit a lumber yard near you before going to one of the national chain stores.  Buying local is a major factor in "green" building, and your local saw mill/lumber yard will supply you with great quality products that often can only be found locally.

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Home Builders

Home Builders Maine is home to some of the finest home builders in the country.  Every beautiful little town here is in reach of an exceptional builder.  Maine is a forest based state and produces building materials sold world-wide.  Maine builders will work with your architect or design your home or addition in-house.  With building technology always changing and improving, it is vital to seek the assistance of one of the professionals listed here.  They can save you tens of thousands of dollars with their knowledge, skills, and trade relationships.
Maine home builders are also your greatest resource for all the various sub contractors involved in the construction of your new home or addition.  They have established relationships with all of them which ensures a healthy time table and flow of events, eliminating costly hold-ups and back-tracking.
The home builders listed here on Maine Furniture of the highest quality.  They know that they are only as good as the last home they have built, and they all look forward to developing and maintaining a relationship with you for many years to come.

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Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen Cabinets The woodworkers listed here build custom kitchens and cabinets, as well as great rooms, bars, libraries, built-ins, and furniture. 
As with locally made furniture, a new custom kitchen is an investment.  An important factor in a home's sale value is the kitchen.  Custom cabinets are made with far superior materials and joinery techniques which stand up to heavy stone countertops, elements, and time.  If there is ever a problem with the cabinets, the cabinetmaker will be right there to fix it, and you will not get put on hold, and you will not need a receipt.
Mass-produced cabinets from the big box stores use cheap particle board and very little joinery.  The boxes crumble easily and when exposed to moisture will swell and release formaldehyde gasses.  They are mostly made outside of the USA.  They lose most of their value once the flat box they arrived in is opened. 
Local kitchen cabinetmakers will use green products and practices, contributing to the local economy.  Most will work out a plan to make their products affordable to you, and their work will retain its value.  Some lines of pre-fab cabinets can cost more than your local custom built cabinets, so it is wise to call a kitchen cabinet contractor, or two,  before purchasing a kitchen you may regret buying down the road. 

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Maine Woodworking Non Profit Organizations and Associations

Maine Woodworking Non Profit Organizations and Associations There are many organizations and associations here in Maine promoting woodworking in all levels of skill across all sectors.  From the DIY hobbyist, to the award-winning, highly skilled designer and craftsperson, this trade that is an inherent characteristic of Maine's heritage, is supported and celebrated by groups who share their passion of woodworking.
Wood carvers, boat builders, carpenters,cabinetmakers, furniture makers, and wood turners, all have their respective local organizations.  It is here where we talk about our histories, our current and future projects, our methods of construction, the latest trends, our machines and tools, our shops, our suppliers, and our love of building and construction.
Pretty much anywhere in the State of Maine, you will find a group within arm's reach to join and/or support.  These organizations are not-for-profit,so if you are not a woodworker and you want to support an industry that contributes to your local economy, they would all welcome your assistance.  If you are starting a new group, or don't see an existing one listed here, please register and contact Maine Furniture, and we will be happy to add them all.

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