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Contemporary Furniture Cocktail Table

Contemporary Furniture Cocktail Table

This contemporary cocktail table is handmade by David Margonelli.  The joinery is exquisite, the curves are subtle and delicate, and the finish will protect it for generations.  This one-of-a-kind design allows the glass top to be removed and stored in its own case, and replaced with an upholstered cushion, shown here in black leather.  The design also permits the individual tables to be arranged in ways that suit your needs and tastes.  The tables can be discretely locked together and will appear as one large table as the concave and convex sides nest together perfectly. 

Here is a video of David talking about the design and implementation of his Flexure line of furniture, demonstrating the various applications of this cocktail table.

This Contemporary Furniture Cocktail Table is available for purchase at  This link will take you directly to the product page.

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